Kitten Springs Green Build

100 Year Old Farmhouse Using Straw-Bale Construction.

The homeowner – a local artist and musician – asked to preserve the stone walls and fireplace as the heart of the home. The project is unique in that it was constructed using a traditional straw-bale method.

The architect specializes in straw-bale and cobb construction and personally implemented techniques that provided high-performance heating/cooling transference and moisture protection. Using straw-bale and cobb material, we’ve created an energy-efficient space that has an earthen feel complete with an artistic flair.

The flooring installed throughout the majority of the house is a custom oak. We added a special touch of real turquoise stones into the grain of the wood before applying the finish. The music room has a rammed earth floor.

This home is full of green building features and even has a solar water heater.