Zikler Rebuild

Transforming a 60's Duplex Into a Modern Organic Home.

We maximized a small half lot with a 60s duplex. We had one side of the duplex to work with. We removed most of the 750 sq. ft. side #1 and rebuilt it, resulting in a 1400 sq. ft. modern, organic home.

The upstairs area operates as a BnB while the owner and all her guests enjoy the downstairs in her beautiful living room and kitchen made for entertaining.

A smooth stucco on the outside and Doug fir beams, white oak floors, and walnut cabinets on the inside contribute to the organic nature of this modern home. Detailed landscaping and outdoor waterfalls on the fence and in the backyard bring nature through the vast glass areas into the home and maximize the beauty of this small lot. The direct vent fireplace was built to safely accommodate the TV behind the artwork that is the living room’s centerpiece.